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Parent/Guardian Access to Edsby
Living Sky School Division No. 202 is using Edsby as a parent/guardian portal. Edsby allows you to to see your child's grades, and communicate directly with your child's school. Edsby can also be used to view your child's attendance, explain absences, and notify the school of future absences.
Parents/Guardians who have provided the school with their current email address should have received an email Invite to create an Edsby account.
If you have not yet received an Invite, please contact your child’s school to verify your contact/email information.
For assistance with logging into Edsby, please visit:
If you have successfully logged into Edsby and would like to review/adjust your notification settings (attendance/class activity), please see our parent notification guide here: Setting up Parent Notifications in Edsby App.pdf
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All Living Sky School Division schools will be closed on Monday, November 9th. Many factors were considered before making this decision. The severe weather conditions will result in bus cancellations and will make it difficult for staff who live out of town to get to school. Usually, even in such a circumstance, schools remain open. However, the pandemic is a complicating factor. Because we must keep students/staff in cohorts, we will not have the ability to group students from multiple grades together with a staff member when their teachers are not able to be at school.
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Ryerson University FCAD Zoom Session

Students in Grades 9-12 discover how FCAD, the Faculty of Communication and Design at Ryerson University, is educating the next generation of creative leaders through innovative programs and tight knit partnerships around the world. Learn about career paths in the creative fields, and chat with some of our current faculty and staff. October 27th at 5 pm. There is a Zoom registration link posted on Facebook and our Website.
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